Friday, October 31, 2008

October 3-6 Pinedale Dental went to a dental convention in Atlanta Georgia. We learned so much and it was soooo much fun. Of course I am the only one in my office that does not drink so I was like the babysitter, but I still had so much fun laughing and learning. From left to right starting with back row: Becca, Me, Kelly who is Dr. Kunards wife, and Cheryl. Front Row: Bernie, Tayte, Gwen, Dr. Kunard and Cassy. I love my job. These people have touched my life in so many ways and make my work life so fun and enjoyable.

About the end of Sept we as a family went to Jackson and watched the Bar J Wranglers. They are a comedy group on a ranch. Super funny!!

Trevor and I waiting for Bar J Wranglers to start. They also give you a home cooked dinner.

Before the Bar J Wranglers we went to Teton Village in Jackson and rode the trams. Beautiful.