Saturday, January 17, 2009

This was our christmas. We just stayed in Pinedale this year. Trevor, his dad and brother all had to work. It was really fun being with our nephew Ace and Trevors family. Of course I missed being with my family and I hated to miss the Henriksen Family night, but we will hopefully make it next year.

One day in Nov, Trevor and I were in Logan at his grandparents farm. We wanted to take some pics around the farm, so his sister followed us around and these are some of what were taken. We also used these for our christmas cards.

Jackie's Baptism

Ok, so I am not really good at this blog thing. I am really sorry. Life just gets so crazy and blah blah blah. I can make so many excuses. So here are some updates that happened this past month.
My sister-n-law which is Ace's mom, got baptised in Dec. It was so amazing. I am so proud of her and her example she has made. I love her so much!!!