Sunday, May 17, 2009

Here are pics of the last few weeks. Trevor and I just bought a new 4-wheeler which is so fun!! Here in Wyoming, a lot of beautiful camp sites are only accessible by 4-wheelers or hiking. So this summer we will be posting a lot of beautiful pics of places we go. We were also able to put our tramp up finally. One of my favorite things is to sit on the tramp at night and watch the stars. We are 7200 ft above sea level so we have a clear view. We just have to watch out for the moose that come on our property. We have 3 run down our street a few weeks ago. Then we have some living behind our house in the willows. I yet have had a chance to get a picture of them.
Congrats to my cousin Bridget and her husband Devin for their beautiful new baby boy Tagg! We love you and cant wait to see the little guy.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So it was my cute little nephews 1st birthday on May 1st. He is so cute and fun. Totally makes me baby hungry. Its amazing how much and how fast they learn and pick things up. Anyway he loves elmo so his mother, grandmother and I made him an elmo cake. I married into a great family and my mother-n-law Marsha is an amazing BAKER!! HAHA. She can decorate any cake you ever dreamed of. So she shared with us some tricks and we made this elmo cake for Ace. He just turned one and his parents thought he needed a 4-wheeler. Crazy, I know. He likes to climb on it but when you take him for a ride he gets scared. So maybe someday he will not be afraid. Trevor and I got him a Hoky-Poky Elmo. Which as you can see he loved!!

Well just for everyones info, Trev and I will be down in Utah on May 22-25th. We would love to see all our friends and family so call me and we will make plans.