Friday, December 4, 2009

Long Long Long Time

Wow, time does fly huh. Here are some pics and memories that have happened since last post.

Ace loves bubbles!

This deer was in our neighbors yard Ace at our house. Of course Uncle lets him jump on the couch

Trevor and I

Trev and I up at Fremont Lake. This was the first snowfall of the year. We still dont have much snow. Its really sad. When it snows it is warmer here. Right now the nights are below zero and the days dont get up much higher then 25. We really want our snow already so we can warm up!!
My Brother Chasse is getting married next weekend and so is Trevors best friend. It works out perfect for us so we only have to travel once to see both. We are so excited for them and wish them luck!! We will post pics soon.


Britt said...

Wow that picture of you guys at Freemont Lake is beautiful! I hope things are good for you guys in the new year and you aren't freezing your tushie off! :) Love Britt